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Art from Africa, Oceania and the Americas


This Auction is dedicated to the Arts from Africa, Oceania and the Americas

The first part of the sale includes the artworks of an anonymous Belgian collector, amongst which the Songye bust (lot 15) published in Songye, La redoutable statuaire Songye d'Afrique by François Neyt. 

In our curated selection coming from several owners, the Nkisi N'kondi Mangaaka (lot 59) represents a rare and desired work of art for every African art collector. 

A small group of artifacts from the distant lands of North America (lots 18 to 33) features several great masks from the Yup'ik and the Kwakiutl people.

We also have the chance to present the collection of Sapi stone figures (lots 75 to 102) previously owned by the esteemed collector Luciano Lanfranchi and introduced by Frederick John Lamp, world-renowned specialist of the arts from Sierra Leone and Guinea Bisseau.


5 October 2019 - 18.00

01 - 04 October 2019 - 11.00 - 18.00
05 October 2019 - 11.00 - 15.00

The buyer’s premium is 20% and 21% VAT applied on this commission, total fee is 24,2 %

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Wood - 78 cm
D.R. Congo

Nkisi N'Kondi: Mangaaka
Mangaaka sculptures appeared during the 19th century and were the most powerful magical artefacts developed by the Ngangas and sculptors in order to resolve conflicts and to unite magical and local forces against newcomers. Aware of their power, German and British forces seized several of these figures - now in museums - compelling the owners to hide the remaining figures.

Acquired by Jean-Pierre Hallet during his stay in D.R. Congo in the 1950s
Jean-Pierre Hallet Collection, USA
Private Collection, Belgium