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Helmut Zake Collection and various owners


This Auction is dedicated to Tribal Art, Modern Art and Design.

We are proud and happy to present you the Helmut Zake Collection, Heidelberg (lot 112 to 37), including a very fine selection of African Art...

We also present a Belgian Collection with objects acquired from René and Odette Delenne  in the 1970's (lots 78 - 86)

 Do not miss an rare Pentecost Island mask (lot 91) and an exceptionnal U'u War Club from the Marquesas Islands, (lot 92)

26 January 2019 - 19.00

22 - 25 January 2019 - 11.00 - 18.00
26 January 2019 - 10.00 - 16.00

The buyer’s premium is 20% and 21% VAT applied on this commission, total fee is 24,2 %

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Tribal Art, Modern Art and 20th Century Furniture, Design


Helmut Zake, Heidelberg

German art historian and collector Helmut declared his passion for African art in 1960's. When he held his position at the University of Heidelberg as Director of Foreign Student Services and International Relations, he was pushed by fellow collectors to found a society dedicated to the discussion of ethnology and African art. This group founded with Hans Himmelheber (1908-2003) became know as the Heidelberg Gesprächskreis von Sammlern und Ethnologen affectionately called the “Cercle Zake“. With Zake as its chairman, the group's guiding purpose was to place African works in the proper, meaningful cultural context and to determine how best to judge their quality. Over the years, the Cercle Zake expanded, welcoming collectors from Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Throughout his life as a collector, he sought authenticity and artistic quality above all else.