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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find some answers to frequently asked quetions. You can also discover our sections to see How to bid or How to sell. If you still have any question don't hesitate to contact us.

If you to buy items at Native Auctions, your personal informations (name, phone number and address) will be verified by your mobile number. With the code you’ll receive via sms, you accept the conditions of sale, you can register and enter online auction room and bid on items. By bidding the highest amount accepted by Native on an item, you commit to purchasing it. When an auction comes to an end, each new bid will extend the sale of 5 minutes to allow the involved participants to bid.

The items are on view in our gallery in Brussels during the time of the auction. You can use this occasion to examine the state and exact nature of the lots that interest you. If you cannot come to the previews, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the appropriate reports on the items or additional photographs.

You personal informations will be only used by Native and will not be disclosed to third parties. Being register with a bidder number, the other bidders will not see you identity.

In order to respect the nature and the values of the objects, we will ask you to contact us for the shipping. We can provide several solutions with our partners or we can help you to use yours. It’s also possible to come to our gallery and to collect the item after payment.

The buyer’s premium is 20% plus the 21% VAT applied on this commission, the total fee is 24,2 %.

The payment can be done via wire transfert on our account after the reception of the invoice. It can also be done in cash if the amount of the invoice does not exceed 3000 Euro.

The submission of a bid unconditionally and irrevocably binds the bidder. All the bids are binding, you therefore accept the conditions of sale. In order to the law, we accept no cancellation or return when an item has been won at auction.

Authentification is certified by Native. In case of modern intentional fake proved within a year after the purchase, Native will refund the hammer, commission and VAT.

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If you still have any question don't hesitate to contact us